About Me

Here’s my story and what we can accomplish.

After many years of tinkering, building and fixing all sorts of broken toys, appliances, devices I have found that most things can be fixed in way or another and you can build almost anything to a certain extent. But…what is the purpose when I can just go buy something new? Well, there are multiple reasons why I choose to fix or build myself.

The first and most important reason I do this is because I am frugal guy. I like to save money where I can and not get ripped off elsewhere. Especially in today’s world with the advanced level and sophistication of scammers lurking around every corner. Why buy something new when it can have fixed?  I have a theory on that and learned a few things in my life on when to repair and when to buy/build. I’ll get into that later 

Second is to help reduce the amount of trash in the world by fixing or even re-purposing our old completely worn out things. For example, in in the past few years more than 47 tons per year of electrical devices were tossed. Take a moment to understand how much that is in one year and how many dollars were thrown out! It’s almost inconceivable.

Lastly, I choose DIY because I like self-gratification! I get great feeling knowing that I just replaced a clicker wheel on an iPod, changed my own brakes on my car, or even built my own drone. This is all simple to achieve with a little knowledge and time. The best thing about this is even if you break it, it’s already broke! So why not try once? you will get better at it with practice.

Now, what can we do about it? let’s come together to share all things DIY in one space.

  • I welcome everyone to post any questions anytime.
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I can’t wait to hear all the fixes, projects, ideas that everyone will share to our community! Thank you for reading.