Why am I here? DIY of all things of course.

If it’s broken then fix it, if you need something new then build it.

This is the premise of what we will begin to do if you are like me. After years of fixing, tinkering, and building all sorts of things it has occurred to me that collectively we can all help each other save money and the amount of discarded products that may be easily fixed.

The truth is the art of DIY repairs and building is becoming a lost art because unlike our parents who could neither afford or wanted to buy new things are moving on and unable to complete these tasks. In today’s world its just easier to buy something new. Our generations have more net worth and can afford to buy new even if something is able to be fixed. Its always the latest and greatest gadgets.

In my mind however this is a great concern, for example in 2018 more than 47 million tons of electronics were tossed. What if we could DIY fix half of that putting money back into our wallets while reducing the worlds trash burden?

The intentions of this blog will be to build a community and a forum of all things DIY. Whether it is fixing household appliances, toys, electronics, auto or building drones, laptops, robots or anything else we can think of; It will be an incredible journey to see what we can come up with!

Follow my blog and Stay tuned for many more updates to come!



Together We can Fix Almost Anything

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